Monday, December 31, 2012

SICK!!... On New Years Eve?!

Are you FREAKIN SERIOUS?!!!! I got to work this morning and started feeling sick. Light-headed, hot/cold chills, nauseous. Absolutely miserable! If that's not bad enough, it is NEW YEARS EVE!! I definitely didn't want to bring in 2013 like this!  Wrapped up in a blanket, curled up in the bed, trash can near by. Now I didn't have any plans set in stone tonight because I didn't have a babysitter set up. I wanted to just go hang out... didn't plan on drinking... much...well maybe I did.  Lol. Maybe this is telling me I didn't need to go out tonight.  I don't do too much hanging out anymore so it would have been nice! Hey, I'm 22 years old, I still like to act my age every now and then. I can still say that I am way more mature and responsible that some people my age and older. But Ill have just as much fun bringing in the New Year with my little one!

I am thankful for my little doctor! When we got home, she came and got in the bed with me and asked what was wrong. I told her that Mommy is sick. She told me she would be right back. I hear her run off to her room then return with this...

She said, "Mommy, I'm gonna give you a check up!" and my heart just melted.

She started off by checking my temperature to see if I had a fever....

*pay no mind to the scarf on my head lol* leave me alone I don't feel good lol*

 Followed by listening to my heart....

Checking my blood pressure...

I guess its a pretty serious diagnosis, I have to get a shot:(
But I got a very cute bandage!

I asked my little doctor what was wrong with me and she said " I don't know." *gives me a kiss* and says "It's ok Mommy, you will feel better!"and pats my back! She can be the sweetest person...earlier she was in a bad mood so this was a welcome mood change!
I have to admit I sure will miss these days when she goes back to daycare and then goes to preschool.

I have been trying to think about what is the best workout for me today......... but with the way I am feeling, I don't think one will happen today. I do want to focus on my core tomorrow. My abs are so weak! I may post some healthy tips to get rid of belly fat -exercises and foods that burn fat.

But before I go, I have seen so many vlogs, blogs, facebook pages and tweets about New Year's Resolutions. I never do too well with them. I say I want to do something and maybe do good for the first few weeks but after that... HA! Its over as quickly as it started. But I am not making resolutions this year. I am setting goals for myself. I am gonna write them all out and start completing them! I'm so sick of the excuses I have come up with over the years! I am going to figure out how to stay motivated enough to follow through. I will continue to expand my education in health and fitness. I will make healthy menus for me and my daughter.

There is so much I want to accomplish and 2013 is my year to do it! My year to SHINE! A year for SUCCESS!

I'm gone for now. I am gonna try to get some rest and start feeling better!


How do you nurse yourself on sick days? Do you have any plans for New Year's Eve?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas and all its CREEPY/NOISY TOYS!!!

Just when I thought that Christmas was over, it wasn't! My co-worker came by with some presents for me and Miss Arianna. She brought a baby doll, some Dora the Explorer nail polish, clothes, and a little vanity table with a mirror. Arianna loves it all! I loved that there wasn't anything that made sounds! Most of the toys  Arianna got for Christmas make noise. She got the Fantastic Gymnastics Dora doll, Doc McStuffins Doctor bag with a stethoscope that lights up and makes noise, along with some other things.

But nothing creepier than this one little doll...

Not the one on her lap with the pacifier in its mouth...its the one on the right (her left), the one being neglected. Its a motion-sensing doll that laughs anytime you move it, move around it or even apparently when nothing else is in the room with it. I swear I turned this thing off last night before my little Ari-Bug went to bed. She was already asleep when I laid her down so I know she didn't turn it back on. Yet when I went to my room to go to sleep, I hear it laughing. And then laugh more. So I went in her room and it was turned on so I turned it back off. This morning, Arianna turned it back on when she woke up. But when we went downstairs for me to cook breakfast, I heard it laughing again! I swear I don't like this doll! I tried to get her auntie to keep it at her house for when Arianna is there. She didn't want there of course.... I wonder why! Is it just me or do other people LOVE to buy your kids toys that make all sorts of noise and sounds that they know will drive us crazy and/or creep us out? My sister even asked me if I bought batteries. And I definitely did NOT! As much as I would love to take the batteries out of this creepy doll, I couldn't do it to her!

Anyways, Arianna told me earlier that she had to go to work. She has got her bag with some money in it, and both the babies. I guess I am babysitting? Is this what is in my future? Will I be a grandma to twin little girls?  (OMG ITS LAUGHING AGAIN!!!)

She handed me the babies and got on her Dora bike and told me she loved me and would see me later. With her bag on her arm, she rode off.  Until I told her it was time to eat! 

Grilled Salmon with broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas and water chestnuts. Little miss had chicken because she isn't a big fan of salmon. It's something she has to be in the mood for I guess.  Anyway, dinner was amazing and delicious and healthy. The salmon was on sale and I couldn't pass that deal up! Veggies were just steamed. I've got chicken in the oven for the rest of the week. I can throw some in a container tomorrow with some spinach, carrots and broccoli for lunch tomorrow! WINNING! Cook some brown rice and more veggies and it can be dinner tomorrow night! Bam! 

Anyways, off to get little one ready for bed and do some BBL! 

Did your kids get any toys that creep you out or just drive you crazy?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Healthy Eating on a Budget! Why is it so freakin' EXPENSIVE?!

I have struggled with my diet for a long time now. I can definitely say that when I first became interested in changing my eating habits, the prices of healthy foods disappointed me. All I could think was "It's so important to be eating healthy foods but how in the world can I if everything is so freakin expensive? There is NO WAY I could afford it!" I am pre-diabetic at 22 years old. I HAVE TO change the way I eat but with my budget, I just couldn't see how I was going to keep food in the house for me and my 2 year old (who is very picky), while still buying the healthiest food I could. Not to mention, try to keep my head above water with all my bills.


I know you have been in the grocery store and looked at organic and all natural foods and wondered why it costs so much to eat the foods that we are "supposed to" eat. There are plenty of reasons to eat organic food... good, better yet, GREAT reasons to do it but for some of us that just can't afford it. I really thought that I had to eat organic, all natural food to be healthy and it made me want to give up. While it is better to eat organic foods, it is not 100% necessary to do so. Some fruits and vegetables are safe to eat even if they're conventionally grown. Let me tell you this was a relief to me!   I had to do a bit of researching but it was really quite simple. Here are steps that I am taking to eat healthy on a tight budget.

  • I thought that I had to buy FRESH fruits and vegetables. But guess what? Frozen is good too!! In some cases, they are more nutritious than fresh. Just depends on what's in season in your area, how long after it was picked before frozen and how it was frozen. But either way, frozen fruits and veggies are great and can be cheaper than fresh.
  • Don't be afraid to go for the generic or store-brand items. They (a lot of the time) taste the same and sometimes better. You should still check the product labels for specific differences in the brands but for the most part, you can save plenty of money by going with generic healthy foods without splurging on the name brand stuff. It's not really necessary.

  • If you are a meat eater, I seriously recommend checking out the meat section and look for meats that have been marked down because they are getting closer to their "Use By" date. Especially if you plan on using them quickly, or if you buy it in bulk (example being...I found a family pack of chicken breasts kinda like whats below. I am a single parent... just me and my 2 year old so that lasts a little while.

Be on the look out for coupons and check your grocery store's sales papers. You can find some really awesome deals if you take a look.
On that last one, I think i will try becoming one of those extreme couponers. LOL... Can't knock their hustle. Some of them are getting hundreds of dollars worth of food and paying little to nothing for it. I will probably have more paper cuts than I really need, especially since I am a massage therapist. I really don't want to use gloves if its not necessary and considering my luck with paper cuts (and I got the equivalent of a paper cut with a piece of plastic) I should probably rethink that plan!

With that being said, I am going to hang out and enjoy the rest of my evening with my little princess. But before I go, I must ask...
How do you save money when grocery shopping for healthy foods?